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Mad truck Racing


Mad truck Racing 

Mad Truck Racing is one of the most playable shooting racing games. The game has a post-apocalyptic context. Where humans must survive with landfills created by humans themselves. There, people rebuilt their lives with the remains of the remnants of civilization once at the peak. Mad Truck Racing takes players into big trucks made of various scrap pieces and they look really cool.

To be able to win in this game, the player has to drive, shooting rockets at the enemy. To destroy them to rise to the top.
The task of Mad Truck Racing is very simple. But also extremely challenging. The player must drive his monster through uneven terrain. And on that road full of deadly obstacles like explosives, rocks, wooden crates and sometimes even enemy missiles
Survive, that's what you must definitely do. But to win. You just don't survive. You need to be the fastest person to reach the finish line.
In order to be the fastest, you must destroy your enemies with missiles or machine guns. You can pick them up along the way. In addition, you can purchase support items in the shop
After each level, upgrade to make your car cool like beasts ready to crush opponents. Every time a car is upgraded, its parts will change and the power and speed will change. Upgrade them to the maximum. And you will find them cool.
On the way, you will get nitro when passing them. Nitro helps you accelerate fast forward. Ignore the opponent. But nitro is quite rare. So use it appropriately.
Use nitro at times of acceleration, or at the middle of the mountain. Where you can climb and have amazing acrobatics.

◆ Free to play, play anywhere
◆ Beautiful post-apocalyptic map with ruin city
◆ Interesting challenges
◆ Excellent sound
◆ Upgrade each part. Your monster will be cool
◆ Play and race top with all players around the world
◆ Easy to control. Can change driving style
◆ Use acceleration sensor and gyroscope to control. Make the game look real and very interesting
◆ Control music volume, sound easily