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Robin Hood Adventures


Robin Hood Adventures

- The story begins in the kingdom of Wakanda, a beautiful and peaceful kingdom deep in the Sahara separated from the human race.
- Although deep in the desert, but where is a fertile soil, fertile because of the strength of a gem called "witch stone".
- A stormy day, a dark force has stolen them from the Vatican - where the stone was stored for hundreds of years.
- They use stones to scatter death to the entire planet. - They captured all the inhabitants of the kingdom of Wakanda as slaves to their looting and expansion.
- Those who follow them, are turned into devils in the form of animals with strength
- Those who did not follow them, were imprisoned in cages, savagely tortured and used stones to turn them into ugly "devils".
- The beautiful kingdom of wakanda has now become a dead cemetery. The grass gradually wilted because of the lack of power from the witch stone.
- Mage soon realized that Warrior and Tiny Dwarf Warrior recovered the witch hunt to save the innocent people turned into "evil" and restore the life of the kingdom of Wakanda.
- To be able to do that, three heroes have to look to the dark kingdom - the shelter of the dark forces to regain "the witch stone"
- The kingdom of Wakanda is a separate kingdom, so in order to be able to move through the lands, they need to find the portal and activate them with "space rock". Each port of movement will have a certain amount of rock space. Get enough space rock, move the portal to be opened, and 3 heroes can continue their journey.

- Various Beautifully handcrafted Environments 
- Lots Of Different Puzzles 
- Many dangerous and challenging traps and enemies 
- Many hours of fun
- Google Play Game Services support for achievements
- Tablet support
- 60 Level stage
- 6 enemy in maps and they are not killed in the normal way
- 4 map : Toxic Forest,Hell Cave, Aquado Volcano,The Kingdom of Darkness
- Hundreds of puzzle mechanics
- The combination of physical and ragdoll
- The best adventure and platform
- Long and wide maps